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We like to introduce FLKS (flex), a flexible workplace. Just open the panels unfold the table and the chair and put the plug in for light. The legs from the table and the chair are provided with special designed joints, pull and turn 90°.

The FLKS provides a definition of space. By giving cover to the back and to one of the sides, the FLKS creates a private and comfortable workplace. Concept A flexible workplace. The closed panels open in a 90° angle. The workplace is easy to move and usable in any space. FLKS is not only a functional piece of furniture, but also a room divider. Several pieces can be arranged into perfect work stations. The pieces do not only interact with the space in which they find themselves, but also with each other. With an extra chair it is even a workplace for two.


Poplar, birch plywood, stainless steel


FLKS is available as a special made. Unique pieces, handmade in Holland. Prices on request.

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