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90° Furniture

This work is characterized by simplicity, clarity, freedom and space. Freedom in using and in arranging the furniture. Freedom in giving the design some of your own by choosing a finish for the surface. Double functions are often part of her designs.

The dialogue between the space and furniture, but also the spaciousness of the furniture itself is an important fact. The most beautiful piece of furniture is space. By bringing furniture back to the essence you can create space. The concept of 90°Furniture is sustained without concessions. In this way the design becomes both architecture and furniture.


(temporary) interior, consisting of 4 double panels, each with its own function.
a working unit
a sitting and sleeping unit
a cooking unit
a storage unit

The closed panels open in a 90° angle. Each unit is a room divider and a functional piece of furniture. The interior is easy to move and usable in any space.

The 4 units provide a definition of space. This definition provides a safe feeling, by giving cover to the back and one of the sides. This cover can be formed by a closed panel or by just a frame. The various units do not only interact with the space in which they find themselves, but also with each other.

The design
The individual units consist of horizontal and vertical planes.The panels are secured by stainless steel pins during the use of the closet and during transportation. The largest pin can also be used as a coat and hat stand.The dimensions of the panels are a combination of sizes according to the Modulor of Le Corbusier in combination with the functional human sizes of today. The units are conducted in mdf base-panel, untreated. 90°Furniture is available as a special made. Unique pieces, made in Holland. Prices on request.

KapteinBolt | 90° Furniture

KapteinBolt | 90° Furniture

KapteinBolt | 90° Furniture